About Us

In 2015, AVIRO GmbH & Co.KG was founded with the aim of developing the first universal system for fully automatic processing of pallets with cardboard blank stacks and filling of the further processing machines such as folder gluing machines, window patching machines or collators.

Systems of this type have been working 24/6 at well-known cardboard box manufacturers since 2016.

Despite its short history, AVIRO can rely on over 35 years of experience in cardboard processing thanks to the leadership of Dr.-Ing Julius Schröder-Frerkes. J. Schröder-Frerkes, initiator and co-founder of the company Heiber + Schröder Maschinenbau, built Heiber + Schröder into the world market leader in the field of window gluing machines and trayform machines. Numerous components for the integrated production of cardboard boxes are also among his developments. Automation always means replacing workers.

With the loss of manpower, there is always no control. Therefore, AVIRO uses the most modern techniques to combine automation with process control on the one hand and to eliminate set-up times on the other.